….Watering Baz (the Basil plant)

The surface leaves are pretty, look healthy, are keeping up appearances. I pluck them, smell them, savour them and use them. They taste wonderful. I wish that Baz had only healthy leaves.

The leaves below are thinner, sadder, some are browning, dying, falling away. I worry about them. I want to fix them. They are not right, not happy, I am doing something wrong. I want to hide them. So I keep my gaze on the top leaves. The bottom ones keep falling.

The roots are growing. This plant is young, it is in a new and too-small home and it is pushing, pushing, craving more space. More space would kill it, it’s too soon for a bigger pot. It is gaining strength every day. I cherish the plans I have for it, the lengths and heights it will be given the opportunity to go to, when it’s actually ready. If it doesn’t give up.

I will keep watering the plant. I will try to remember that every leaf makes up the whole. And I will keep on adding water.


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