The woman: a creative, emotive, effective, embracive type. Imaginative to the point of make-believe and a damn fine cook.

The hands: fond of getting stuck in, pointing things out, perfect when splattered in paint or covered in pastel. Little fingers up and out, especially when drinking tea.

The blog: regular posts containing memories, happenings, thoughts and what’s to come, interspersed with ramblings…..

The poetry: more than a few sentences with rhyming tendencies, in Poetic Lie Sense – you probably guessed that already.

The petition: Really Beautiful, aiming to bring natural beauty back to our magazines’ front covers (cosied in next to a bit of poetry with an anti-airbrushing ranty slant, which seemed fitting).

You: you’re here ∴ you rock – fact. Your awesomeness just went up a gazillion points. Soon you’ll actually be called Your Awesomeness, with capitals and gold-leaf stationery and a house in the Maldives. It must be great, being you. Thanks for dropping by. Lay a little love somewhere on your way through, it’ll make our day (me and the hands).

And lastly…

WordPress: the utter joy that is the WordPress team evades almost all words. Apart from: I love you. Thank you. All. So much. Seriously.


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