This is the place where I get to say ‘thank GOD you did that thing you did, or I might never have figured out how to be here, writing this stuff and wondering what I ever did with all the crap in my head before this happened’.

First in my mind, unsurprisingly, are my parents, Gail and Joe. The sentence above speaks for itself, naturally, but they’ve done lots of other stuff to help me out too. Mostly involving tolerance. And patience. A few stern words. Lot of hugs. Bit of tough love. It’s a beautiful dynamic.

Secondly, the lesser well-known but equally loved, step-parents, Tony and Izzy. For keeping the top two (them up there) a) happy, b) quiet and c) out of the loop when it matters most ;) you’re both wonderful. And provide the best buffets/christmas stockings this side of the Scottish border. Woop woop.

In support terms, The Family is a good one. Bit rough/random/loopy around the edges at times – but a good one. My aunts rock. Seriously. If ever I could have planned to have people in my life who I loved this much, I still wouldn’t have been able to come up with the perfection that they are. They are my thick and thin-ers and I have reason to believe they’re all in for some personalised accommodation purchases when I hit the big time. Just saying what I hear.

Right behind the family, but no less behind me, especially in terms of early supporters, would be Marion Skelley. Her comments and encouragement were huge in boosting my confidence, back when words on screens in front of friends gave me the jitters. I kept going when I was more inclined to sack it all off and she was a big factor in that.

Those friends I mentioned – the ones with the screens – are not only the support but often the structure of what I write and why I write it. They inspire me to be more than I thought I could be and, for that, I am eternally gratitude-filled. And, occasionally, confused – how did they arrive in my life? Big massive huge love, metta and thanks to Sadhana, Braziers and Dhamma Dipa for providing the family I didn’t know existed. In the words of a famous poet of our time – everything I do….I do it for you. Cheesy, but true.

Right, that’s it, hankies away, go home folks, there’s nothing to see here…..


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