Back to the future

I realised today that I am falling backwards

From high and dizzying heights of an ego-driven life

Into quiet, honest, sincere times


It is a blessed relief


To be nothing other than my truth

In the moments when that’s possible


And, surprisingly, people are not running from me

As I sit with myself

Strangers still smile at me

Men still pay me attention


I have willingly joined the ranks of the plain

In the certain knowledge that I will build on it

Over time

And achieve my own version of greatness


And that is a Very Good Thing.


So, there I was….

….explaining how in art and in writing I try only to express myself and not what I think I want someone else to see or hear. ‘Never write to be read,’ I said. ‘It kills all chance of honest expression’. These words, spoken a mere 48 hours before I found myself here, composing my first heading and wondering which background to pick, which question to ask, which who to invite and entrust, and what it would all entail.

An interesting choice, then, a blog, mostly for others’ benefit, as they appear to be. How can anything written in this box truly be anything other than for-another? And, more importantly, why bother? Hasn’t everyone said it all and said it again and found that the more they say the more they have to say and haven’t they eventually lost track of why they were saying it anyway?

What made me start….poetry, probably – it doesn’t feel safe on a book about faces. And photography, too. At least here it’s a little more….here. A little less…local – you know what I mean – we’ve all seen the shots of the late-nights and the holiday snaps and the dogs and the cats and the weddings and the babies, of everyone we’ve never even met before but they were in a picture with our best friend’s housemate’s boyfriend and we’re not sure how but we were browsing something else some hours ago and we meant to stop but we somehow forgot. So….here we are. Here I am.

And there we go.

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