Scared to write
Scared to keep on writing
And get nowhere

Every somewhere leads to a new emptiness
Waiting to be filled
Vats of loneliness
Shelved learnings
Lost teachings

Is everything I write for them?
Is everything all right?

Just when I think the answer’s found me…
I ask another question.

What’s right and wrong?
Where’s the line and what’s the difference?
How can I live through this?
Can I live through me?

Scared to try.
Scared to keep on trying
And get somewhere new

Somewhere new and familiar

All I want is answers
I never asked for questions
Where did they come from?

If I show you me, will you stay?
Or has that sent you screaming already?
Am I too simple or too complex
Or simply too difficult?

Where does it end
And why would I want it to?

When it’s all so good and all of it was love?

All of it was love, even the hate.
Even the fear.
Even the tears and the terrible.

All of it was love
And all of it was Love

All of it was Love, my Love
And all of it was Love.


March 2010 – Braziers Park, UK


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