Burn my heart and collect the ashes
And when you sift through my remains
Find the spirit of you amongst them

Take a grain of the dust in your hand
Blow it to the night sky
And watch as the power of my love for you
Calls the sun into being and illuminates the land

Though it is mid-night still, the birds will stir
The earth will waken and hear your drums
Disguised as the beating of my heart

And you will know you were loved
Carried in my heart all this time
Your fire not extinguished by my tears
Of joy or sorrow

Burn my heart so that I might be smoke
And wrap myself about you
Fill your eyes and lungs and mind with me

Warm your hands on the heat of my embers
See my smile in the glowing coals
Watch me dance in the flames

Burn my heart, it means nothing to me
But leave my soul intact
And join me there for eternity

March 2009 – Sadhana Forest, India


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