If you’re thinking
That I
Have an inkling
Of an idea

I have not

I have got
An eye for detail
I can only hope
My sense of purpose
Will prevail
But to what end?

I can only pretend
To make out
That it’s no mystery

All the while unravelling
The lessons of my history
By minute minute

Second looks lost
The first glance meaning
Seemingly simple interactions
Became clearer
Without the emotional distractions
Of the moment

And now I see
The Universe sent me
Every opportunity
To be attached
Sans liberty
And I chose

Later regrets
Serve no purpose
Other than to stifle happiness
Keep a foot in the past
Force a furrow
Into an otherwise

So, to bed
My steady stream
Of doubts
Of what could be
But by morning
Let the moment
Make itself known
And more
Than a missed


October 2009 – Hitch-hiking, France


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