Writing, roaring, stopping never
Lifting, pushing, gone forever
Words without pause, pen on fire
Hands are poised to never tire

Shall I show you speed and flame?
Call a beat, perform and frame
Try and tap and taunt and twirl
Fall on fires, the dancing girl

Tripping, slipping, honest days
Passing, pulling, parting ways
Speed and need and planes depart
No better word to find than heart?

Caustic, crunchy, callous words
No more space here to be heard
Shallow, shocking, shame and sin
All let out and joy let in

Faster, master all emotion
‘Mid the bustle and commotion
Teach yourself a life of Wow!
Live the future in the now

Faster comes to those who wait
Forget the time, deny the date
Show your faith in what you see

Watch a sun set sail with me

March 2009 – Sadhana Forest, India


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