Imitation You will not do.
Even before he arrives at my door
I see this and I know
That I will be looking for signs of You
In him.
And they won’t be there.

I have already looked
Straight through everyone to you.
I could have been quicker to realise,
To recognise the look
In your eyes.
The Look.

In the midst of song and dance
You said it all, with no words.
Implied, insinuated, yelled
And still I missed
Blinded by bonfires.

Insecurity got the better of me.
Repeat it over and over again
In kitchens and in kisses
And I will still need reassurance.
I didn’t believe you
Or me.

I promise you, I’ll be there next time
You open your heart to me.
I promise me, I promise me, I promise.
This time
It will all be


April 2009 – Rainbow Gathering, India


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