When we sat down to
Survey a series on tv
We had not much sense, nor sensibility
Of a future camaraderie
We could not have known
How a bond would have grown
From a shared love of lounging around
In pyjamas, at home
We’ve crazy-jumped in kitchens
We’ve cooked up a storm
We’ve danced until 8 in the morning
Laughed about it
Then done it again the next day
You put the Rrrrrr in Birrell
And the Ha! in Happiness
You groove like you’re the coolest cat in the club
And if you don’t know it, he sure as hell does…
Baby, you can erect my tent anytime
What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is
Probably what a friendly Portuguese bank-manager
Managed to help us get hold of
You’re the wine to my cheese
The twinkly lights on my Eiffel Tower
A victorious vindanger and
My only witness in all things Ahmed
You parlez-francais
Like a proper French lady
You’re a grass-wetting goddess
You’re a hitch-hiking queen
You’re a joy, not a boy
You’re the best, not the rest
You’ve got my R-E-S-P-E-C-T
And yes, I’ll always Remember the time
We seem to be leading parallel lives
In this lunatic-filled Universe
And while I wouldn’t wish this crazy on just anybody
I’m glad there’s somebody out there
Who gets it.

December 2009 – Braziers Park, UK


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