I cannot search for peace and happiness
I can only find it
Call off the hunt and it will fly
Straight to I and I

In everything I see
When I see it as it is
When I am I in every moment
When trying falls away

In action, limbs are broken
Inaction leads to broken hearts
Only in peace is peace restored
Only in Love our hearts full-filled

Abundance comes from having none
Joy comes from our greatest sorrow
Love is all and nothing
Live today, tomorrow never comes

Discover all the sounds in silence
Find our peace amid the chaos
Being everything leads nowhere
Being nothing leads to truth

Everything leads to truth
Everything leads to love
When I stop searching will I see
When I stop looking will I find

The end is never in sight
Only beginnings

Taking I higher into the mountains
Taking I lower into the water
Taking I deeper into our love
Into our spirit, into our soul

United in wonder
At the wonder
Of All


February 2010 – Braziers Park, UK


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