I should have told you that I love you when you told me
I should have held you closer, trusted us and given myself freely
It’s what you were looking for

I let you go when I should have let you know
That you are everything to me
My heart and soul are wrapped up in you

Your touch burnt my skin, reached deeper than anyone before you
And now my tears burn my face, dripping hot onto the place
Where my heart once was

I hold it in my hand now
A lead weight
Aching from the absence of you

You are here but you are gone

I am everything and nothing without you

I am all there is and you are all I think about
And now the tears scorch my lips
Where you never were

And you go on

I hear you everywhere
I see you everywhere and nowhere
And now I’m not sure I even see you

All I see is my pain, dancing on hot coals
Filled with light and passion
And dancing without my memory

Will I ever get the chance again?
When you ask me what I want from you, will I tell you
That I have all I need when I’m in your arms
Your company
Your life?

Will you ever ask again?
How could I have let you go?
How do I put light back in my eyes and let you see your reflection in them?

How could you do this?

Don’t leave me
The world is too hot and too cold without you and the wrong people sing my name
And my heart is breaking

I love you and I’m so sorry

I should have told you

March 2009 – Sadhana Forest, India


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