He always leaves the door open
When he leaves
He always shuts his eyes
When he holds me

He always goes too far
When he goes
He always takes too long
To come home

I never know how much
He knows
I never see what he sees
In me

I never thought it would go
This far
I never thought
It would go….

He always says the thing
He’s supposed to
He always makes me laugh
When I cry

He’s not the one I hoped
He’d turn into
He’s not the one
And neither am I

You always left
The door Open….
You always made me laugh
‘Til I cried

You’re always the one
That I hope for
You’re always the one
On my mind

You’re always the one
In my mind

I’ll always leave my door open


February 2010 – Braziers Park, UK


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