Women walking barefoot on the eve of a full moon
Skipping puddles, slipping muddy hills
Stopping for chai and steaming up glasses

Finding food unexpectedly and outstaying welcomes
But still made welcome
By honest hosts with tamarind to spare

Trekking through gravelly non-paths
To a destination of cables and conversations
And camaraderie with peanut crunch

A short stop later
Turns into a whole afternoon
With a family of four that feed and frolic and squeeze fresh fruit
Smiling and giving and lifting all the while
Magical in their manic, holiday-less home

This is my life
This is what rain means now
How ever we came to be here, who can say?
More than a plane ride
More than a train journey
More than money can buy, certainly.

More to me than ever before
And more to come, for sure.

March 2009 – Sadhana Forest, India


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