I heard you speak tonight
You bared your soul
In a private space
And you saw me in you

Do you know?

I couldn’t find the words to say
That I understood you
That you had described my life
My wanderings in this world
So accurately
I almost didn’t recognise myself in you

You look so scared
So strong
So beautiful in your battle
So confused by your own mind
And you broke me down

I had felt so alone in my conviction
That everyone else thought these things
And won
I hadn’t imagined that anyone else
Felt the way I did?

I thought I was surrounded by aloneness
Until I heard you
You made me see that it had just been me
But I was never on my own

You hovered at the end
Then left
I’d wanted to say what seeing you meant to me
But I couldn’t clear my mind enough
To let you know how much you’d helped me

In your hour of need
You gave me the strength you were searching for

I hope I can tell you to your face
Some day
That you changed my life tonight
In that way
That only chance meetings can


Thankyou, my unnameable knight
You do not know your own strength

But I do


November 2009 – Edinburgh, UK


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