I am here, I fear
More scared than sorted
More dandelion than burdock

Scattered silly
Metaphorically muddled
Mine’s a messy mind
Attempting to arrange
A lifetime’s files
In an hour

Each and every hour
Of every minute
I’m remanded in memory
A willing prisoner
Of the past

My hands are cuffed in air
There is no key
But me
And what is left
Has lost all recognisable arrangement

I’m pulled down deep
But holding on to stones
They keep me grounded

Letting go will all but kill me
All but do me in
Everything but that

Letting go for Life
Shake it off
Your clothes are all wet
But you’re not made of sugar

Your tears will not melt you

Your heart will not break

Let it be


February 2010 – Braziers Park, UK


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