who are you
are you as honest as i want to be
are you more than what I see or less
are you a reflection of me
do you look inside or out
are you happy you´re alive
are you alive
or are you existing

do you like what you see within and
without a word
give generously
do you hide from responsibility
can you even start to start your journey

are you talented but too afraid
or a total fuck-up but flying free
can you write or read or paint
or change the engine of an automobile
can you sing and do you

do you wish you would you could you wish you had

did you learn the drums or die trying
where did you go on the rose-tinted travels of your youth

did your parents love you
enough or too much or not at all
did you forgive them or forget them
did you find your family in friends

are you ageing gracefully
sitting comfortably
did you begin without me

is your life about drama or clarity
does anyone see what you see
or are you alone

is there togetherness in your solitude
craziness in your insanity
do you believe
in all or nothing
Him or Her
them or us
do you see their point of view
or is it all about You

have you ever wondered
or do you already know it all
do you wander
or are you straight to the point

are you a disappointment to everyone else
or only yourself
what would you give to take that back
would you change it and how
what would you be now if you hadn’t seen that
would you have said it
done it
been there
got the t-shirt

do you miss him
did you tell her
did you miss out
are you a miss or a ms or a missus
do you save all the best til last
bite off more than you can chew

who waits for you to call
sits up late if you´re late home
kisses you better
strokes your hair
puts you to bed and keeps on top of it all

do you believe in love at first sight
or might there be more to it
might there be more to you than meets the eye
would you show me if I tried harder
or would you rather hide from prying minds
than divulge the secrets of your particular soul

who are you
and why does it matter?

January 2010 – Braziers Park, England


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