What would love do?

Love would find a way to tell him
Find the time to see her
Love would give you just enough
But not so much it hurts

Love would deal in forgiveness
Breed understanding and empathy

Love would send you to bed on time
And wake you up with a smile
Saying “Welcome!
You have been granted a bright new day
And in it you can do whatever you choose!”

Love would guide you towards happiness
And hold your head through pain
Calm your fears
And free your worries from your shoulders

Love would see past poisonous words
To the child behind the bitterness

It would welcome every moment
And every man and woman in it
It would embrace everyone, separate no-one
It would not differentiate

That’s what Love would do

But I am human
And I still say the things I shouldn’t
And I still want for what I wouldn’t want
And I learn and I grow and I know now
How to apologise and that…..

That is also what Love would do

I love you

I love your love


February 2010 – Braziers Park, UK


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