Brainstorming partner required

I have the beginnings of an idea for a children’s story floating around in my head but I can’t quite pull the loose threads together or get it to a place of substance.

As I have some of the most creative minds on the planet at my fingertips, I wondered, would any of you be free for a brainstorming session? It needs enthusiastic, creative, open minds, with a sense of humour and a certain thoughtfulness. I’ll cast a bigger net if there are no takers in the next few days but I figured I’d start with you guys first.

Big love <3


Lemon, tart?

Today I: had a lazy morning; planned a route to Physical Happiness via rose water and home-made make-up; made enchiladas for lunch (NB: plastic containers and grills are incompatible); had a heavenly 15 minutes of Shimshai/facemask loveliness; topped the day off with an 80-minute catch up with MJ and the second quarter of the wondrousness that was The Lemon Tart.


Tomorrow: Formula 1, fabric design and period-drama catch-ups.

Today’s gift to you: The recipe for my Oaty Honey face scrub

Get this:

1/3 cup of oats, 1/4 cup of honey, 1/2 cup of water, 2 thin slices of cucumber

A quiet place to lie down

Soothing music

Do this:

Grind the oats into a powder, add the powder to the water and heat until thick and gloopy.

Decant into a heatproof bowl, allowing mixture to cool considerably, then add honey and stir through until evenly mixed.

When the mixture is still slightly warm (but definitely NOT hot – scalded skin is not cool), scoop small amounts into one hand and use the fingertips of your other hand to pat it onto your face, avoiding the sensitive area around your eyes.

Now, wash your hands, make your way to your quiet place, press play on your MP3 or laptop and lie back, placing the cooling slices of cucumber over your eyes.

Sigh contentedly – repeat a few times over the course of the next 15 minutes, to indicate to anyone within earshot that you have achieved a state of bliss.

Wash off after 15 minutes is up, moving your hands in circular motions to make the most of the exfoliating properties of the scrub.

Pat dry.

Admire fresh and glowing look in mirror – repeat throughout day.

Walk around feeling slightly smug, especially when in the proximity of chemical-filled creams and potions.

Be aware of this:

  • You’ll need to tie all your hair back, especially your fringe, unless you want a head-full of porridge.
  • It will go everywhere – this is part of the childlike, self-indulgent joy of this process – so put a towel down and prepare to do a little clean-up afterwards. It’s worth it for the happy skin that awaits you afterwards, believe me.
  • Being jolted out of your zen-like state by an alarm clock or phonecall will ruin everything. Turn it all off and find a couple of songs that add up to approximately 15 mins worth of playtime. Try Gayatri Mantra and Hare Hare Mahadeva by Tina Malia and Shimshai, downloadable here:
  • Finishing off this event by long-distance Skype chatting with one of your dearest friends will gain you an extra 100 Woop! points.

Try it out and tell me all about it, especially which songs you chose and who you called to get your extra Woop! points……


Soon will come the days

Of dreadlocks and dragonflies

When the mirror stops giving me mediocre

And my mind is less far away from my reality.

Until then…..I’ll hold.

….Watering Baz (the Basil plant)

The surface leaves are pretty, look healthy, are keeping up appearances. I pluck them, smell them, savour them and use them. They taste wonderful. I wish that Baz had only healthy leaves.

The leaves below are thinner, sadder, some are browning, dying, falling away. I worry about them. I want to fix them. They are not right, not happy, I am doing something wrong. I want to hide them. So I keep my gaze on the top leaves. The bottom ones keep falling.

The roots are growing. This plant is young, it is in a new and too-small home and it is pushing, pushing, craving more space. More space would kill it, it’s too soon for a bigger pot. It is gaining strength every day. I cherish the plans I have for it, the lengths and heights it will be given the opportunity to go to, when it’s actually ready. If it doesn’t give up.

I will keep watering the plant. I will try to remember that every leaf makes up the whole. And I will keep on adding water.

…..Washing Up

Only through repeatedly ignoring Nature’s laws do we find our lives placed in the hands of others.

Back to the future

I realised today that I am falling backwards

From high and dizzying heights of an ego-driven life

Into quiet, honest, sincere times


It is a blessed relief


To be nothing other than my truth

In the moments when that’s possible


And, surprisingly, people are not running from me

As I sit with myself

Strangers still smile at me

Men still pay me attention


I have willingly joined the ranks of the plain

In the certain knowledge that I will build on it

Over time

And achieve my own version of greatness


And that is a Very Good Thing.

War? Dance.

Writing hour,
cut down to half by a late meditation and
the making of two cups of tea,
one for me. Amazing street art dance springs to mind
with a shot of rhythm from the downstairs tv,
not what was on
but what was,
days have passed since but not the feeling,
the tension, fists curled,
body taking each step with him as I sat still,
moving more than could be seen.
I could only imagine the pain on my face,
could not come into contact with my reflection,
couldn’t miss a single burst of energy,
watched every twirl,
each meeting of bare ground and foot,
the naked concrete vulnerable to his tread,
indented with indelible emotion,
a pulse,
a throbbing that cracks the unbending,
the stoic,
the solid.
The only weapon that can.

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